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Theory & Practical

HTI help you get ready for your theory and hazard tests. Whether you are new, need refresher training, advice, or still hold your HGV Licence then you have come to the right place. Our website allows you to sign up and use our account to practise exam questions and so on, even so, we offer 1 to -1 sittings.

What is the difference between HGV and LGV?

Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) and Large Goods Vehicle (LGV), is the same licence with a different name.

Below are the types of courses we provide.

LGV C+E = HGV Class 1 – up to 44 tonnes with a trailer over 750 kg- No theory tests to upgrade from C to C+E.

To obtain this licence you will be in either a full articulated vehicle or a draw bar (waggon & drag). This is the HGV Industries largest vehicle. The recommended duration of this course is 8-10 days of practical training. If you already have the LGV C licence and wish to earn more than this is the course for you.

LGV C = HGV Class 2 – up to 32 tonnes- Instead of C1, you can go to LGV C as this will give you a C1 licence as well. This is a popular licence to obtain; it is the entry level licence.

LGV C1 = over 3.5 up to 7.5 tonne (C1+E with trailer) – Allows you to drive Home delivery vehicles, ambulances, horseboxes, larger vans or small trucks.

Please note: If you are over 18 and passed after January 1997 you may do the LGV C (HGV Class 2) first followed by the other tests.
LGV C1 + E Licence = if you already have a C1 licence and would like to tow more than this is the course for you giving you an overall pulling power of 8.25.

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