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For operators who already hold Bronze level accreditation are recommended to achieve the Silver and Gold accreditation too, we at HTI will help support you throughout the journey. HTI have helped over 150+ independent hauliers achieve and conduct their bronze, silver and gold in the South-East region. We work hard ensuring your company obtains accreditation correctly.

What is FORS?

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme is known as (FORS), is a voluntary based accreditation and is a European accredited programme. FORS cover elements of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations. The aim of FORS is to calculate, observe and improve the best measures for vans, Lorries, mini-buses, coaches and other vehicles.

What are the benefits of FORS?

There are many benefits, to list a few would be that the driver will become more vigilant, which benefits the reducing of fines and other penalties, the driver will learn about fuel emissions and enhance fuel efficiency.
Along the way, you will be provided with toolkits and advice, for e.g. Cycle safety toolkit, Congestion toolkits and much more. The accreditation is targeted for both managers and drivers.

There are three accreditation levels:

Bronze– this accreditation confirms that the driver has good practices which are laid out by the FORS standards.

Silver– to gain the Silver accreditation you must have completed and maintained your Bronze. By gaining this award you will be able to display your understanding of how vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are equipped.

Gold– By going Gold you will be nationally recognised; however, you must still be maintaining the Bronze and Silver accreditation, the award will signify your understandings of safety, efficiency and road safety.

Please contact us for pre-auditing services, in where we can sit 1 to 1 to help with paperwork. All our policies, procedures and risk assessments are up to date with the FORS standards.

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